Family Friendly Home: Kitchen

Great ideas for incorporating children in the kitchen. 



Pull-Out Drawers at Child Height 

This helps a child to easily access things like dishes and utensils. I love the organizing cubes inside.


Built-In Study 

 This is a fabulous idea! It can be used for younger and older children alike- a coloring station or homework center keeps the family on a routine. 


Large Seating Area

Yes!! The large seating area for congregation and meals makes the kitchen more family friendly and inviting. Also great for games and fun and leaves plenty of space for friends and guests!

10 Ways to a Kid-Friendly Kitchen 11.jpg

 Snack Station/ Built-In Basket Drawers

These basket drawers are visually appealing and offer easy access to healthy fruits and veggies. They also provide a perfect storage solution. Another consideration is a snack station in a lower cabinet. 


Decorate with Fun Colors/ Display Child Artwork

I really love this Euro kitchen- super modern and built for a family! If you are not quite that bold , or this isn't your style you can try simply displaying child artwork or school work. This can be done neatly and offers a sense of home to your kitchen.


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